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Hand Sanitizer

Our Sweet Orange & Tea Tree bacteria fighting, Hand Sanitiser features Ethanol(70%) & Colloidal Silver. Includes nourishing and hydrating emollients like D Panthenol(Vitamin B3) and Olive Squalane. Currently available in a glass bottle.
This product was formulated according the World Health Organisation's recommendations for an effective Hand Sanitizer as a precautionary measure against COVID-19(contains 70% alcohol). This product does not replace washing of hands and we recommend that you use it along with other sanitary practices.  We have made every effort to use only the best ingredients so that, even while you are keeping your hygiene as a top priority- your skin will not suffer. 
70% Natural Alcohol(Ethanol 99.6%), Colloidal Silver, Olive Squalane, Vegetable Glycerine, Panthenol D(Vitamin B3), SepiGel. Essential Oils of: Sweet Orange, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus.

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